Keepass global autotype in Xmonad 1

I’m remigrating to xmonad and wanted to set up a key in my config to perform global auto-type for keepass2. No problem, right? Something like this:

Well, it works on the xmonad side of things, because keepass responds with the error,

Xdotool is installed, because ‘which’ says so, […]

My new favorite alias: apt-get missing commands

Debian’s apt-get and related tools are pretty fantastic.  I especially love the command_not_found_handle–though I know not everyone does–which tells you the package to install if you want the command you’re trying to run.

I don’t want that message to have an interactive prompt at the end (“Go ahead and […]

lossfully: a music library transcoder

I’ll just explain my situation, but say “you” instead of “I” because I’ll assume it applies to you, too. If it doesn’t, you won’t have much use for this library anyway. You have a large collection of music. After several misguided attempts at ripping all your CDs to mp3s or […]

Relisp 1.1.0

For all three of you who will read this (though there has been about 1000 downloads–that’s exciting) there’s a new version of Relisp. Check out the changelog, or look at the new examples in the gem. I promise that there’s documentation, even if isn’t currently showing it.

Relisp: Rubyfied Emacs Lisp 5

Okay, look. If you use Emacs extensively and have never wished you could use something to customize it besides Lisp…well, then, 100 hacker points for you. But not this project. This project is not for you. This purpose of Relisp is to: call Ruby from Emacs call Elisp from Ruby […]